About Us

RochesterDress customized dress specifications are divided into completely original tailoring, partial design customization, tailored design according to body shape, and later diversified modifications. You can freely discuss and finalize the most suitable customized model according to budget, occasion needs, and personal preferences. It is both fashionable and classic that is the aesthetic king;

RochesterDress is a professional bridal consultant, and cooperates with several international brands to continuously create excellent and distinctive wedding dress products, creating a tender, elegant, fashionable and charming bride image.

Brand Philosophy and Personality
Brand concept: present every woman's potential beautiful moments with the beauty of wedding dresses
RochesterDress ·Customization believes that every woman is a masterpiece of heaven and has amazing beauty.
RochesterDress·Custom is committed to making women the most charming through dresses, digging and enhancing women's inherent beauty and princess temperament from the inside out.
Based on this belief, RochesterDress Custom insists on combining the traditional way of "tailor-made" with modern tailoring techniques to interpret the most beautiful positive energy of every woman. In order to achieve a beautiful presentation, each RochesterDress custom product, Both blend natural and professional, (professional design and tailoring for the natural body type), complement each other and bring stunning beauty to every bride-to-be.
RochesterDress Customization has continuously carried out in-depth cooperation with the world's leading top dress brands. Many top brand designers have joined, and more than ten dress design studios from France, the United States, Hong Kong and other countries have developed and exchanged, further establishing the excellent quality of RochesterDress customization. , so that all wedding dresses make women fall in love at first sight!
Brand personality: cordial, professional, natural, confident
professional and friendly



Adhere to communicate with consumers in a professional and friendly image, so that every woman can enjoy the right to discover, feel and realize beauty.
Dress consultants and consumers are like sisters, according to their different states, give corresponding help, so that their questions can be answered effectively and gently, and convey professional temperament in cordial communication.
natural, confident
The charm of women comes from the harmony between man and nature. Based on this aesthetic belief, we always insist on appearing in front of consumers with an unpretentious, natural and confident image.
Naturally, let the inner beauty of a woman be fully displayed; self-confidence, let the beauty of a woman become a kind of strength.
Brand consumer groups
Likes to be exposed to new things and knows exactly what they need
Like nature, do not pursue excessive decoration, the shape is bright and fresh and natural
brand competitiveness
Always adhere to the core competitiveness of the brand with proven and effective quality and competitive price. beaumontdresses·Customization believes that only the dresses that allow women to present the most beautiful moments are worthy of being recommended to women; and the process of achieving beauty does not mean a high price.
Quality you can trust
Each wedding dress combines the power of nature and professionalism, understands the physical characteristics of women, and develops suitable dresses, so that women's beauty can keep pace with the times.
Kind and reasonable price
The friendly and reasonable price system allows more women to appreciate the natural and professional care and realize the beauty they expect in their hearts. At the same time, the approachable price also ensures that beauty can be brought to every bride to the greatest extent possible!


If you run into any issues, feel free to drop us an email: service@RochesterDress.com